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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ready Made Downline!

 I have been with this team from the beginning. The group has a wonderful concept and the people are great!

We will be your downline in network marketing and mlm opportunities. The concept of this project is simple. We band together as a massive team and enter mlm and network marketing opportunities as a group. In the first company, if you are toward the top, you will be toward the bottom of the next company, meaning those toward the bottom of the first will be toward the top of the second. This rotating or flip flop process continues for each company we enter. We move in waves of 200. The first group of 200 will move into the second company, while we continuously build the first company with it's second wave of 200. Once we get the second 200 built they will move into the second company, while the first group of 200 move to the third company....so on and so fourth. We are building this group on Facebook, as we continue to grow we are planning to move outside of Facebook with our own sites with back offices, and continue to use Facebook as a marketing source. Currently we are building our first company: Rapid Fire 1x2, and we are nearing our first 200 goal in just under 5 weeks launched! As word goes out about what we are doing as a team, this will go viral and go even faster!

 In order to be a member of our team, you must participate in all programs we enter. The Facebook group is for members only, so here is what you do.

1.  Go to http://readymadedownline.com/
2.  Sign up.
3.  Sit back and relax, and begin to watch your downline grow, and stay up to date on group events.
4.  Do not promote your personal link in our group.
5.  Do promote the group and spread the word.

Once you see the power behind what we are doing, you will see team building is the newest, and most efficent wave in this industry. Many of you have tried and failed to build a massive downline on your own. Here is your chance to be on top of your own downline of 50, 100, 1000 or more! Keep in mind even in a team build situation, these numbers won't happen overnight, but everything we do will be a continuous build. I now have a downline of over 150 because of my participation in this concept, and patience and effort to get us there. So come on over, and allow us to be your downline in mlm!

Secret is if you want to make money join us today. I have made my investment back plus some!

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