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Friday, July 1, 2011

Unions : Difference between Sports and Labor Unions

"Collective bargaining is what has made athletes super rich and the middle class super secure." They were allowed to become super rich and super secure regardless of performance, which is the exact opposite of what drives progress. Unions limit the availability of competition in labor (see the MLB ruling by Sotomayor) and are inherently counterproductive. If someone knows they can't be fired, they will have less motivation to perform at their highest level. Regarding athletics, one has to wonder when players and their Association will realize multi-million dollar signing bonuses, prior to any evidence of talent at the professional level, is going to hurt the league in the long-run. Will the masses be able to buy a ticket or will it be only the the rich elite  There really is absolutely no comparison between coddled pro athlete unions and the public sector unions that are bleeding states and this country dry, except for the part of motivation.

What the Wisconsin DULY ELECTED government is attempting to do is to LIVE WITHIN THEIR MEANS and stop killing the American taxpayer. Public sector employees should pay part of their health care and their retirement. Why should public sector employees be so different from their private counterparts? Teachers unions are killing quality education in this country (witness the decline in the quality of sports journalism, for example) - unions make it near impossible to remove incompetent employees - they just continue to be incompetent and suck at the public trough. The scene in Wisconsin reminds one of a  republic, more precisely reminds us of the scenes in France, Greece, the UK and elsewhere in Europe where union socialism has near killed their national economies. It's pitiful - if we don't get what we want, we won't work - that is a clue to how "dedicated" some of these public sector employees really are. How does this compare to the pro sports arena - pro sports is nothing more than heroin for the masses. Pro sports provides the circus.

Let's see .. Professional athletes became rich due to collective bargaining with their respective leagues and ownerships. This did not involve my tax dollars and is a private sector transaction. Public sector middle class folks became super secure through collective bargaining with public officials who may, or may not, have been working on my behalf - with my tax dollars. And they were often were influenced by lobbyists representing the respective unions. Again, by using my tax dollars through public sector tax paid employee union dues. But the public sector does not have a bottom line to fulfill, as it is in most cases with private entities. They just want to raise taxes to meet their demands. Private operations don't have the option of raising taxes. They just raise ticket prices, fees and etc, which I don't have to buy. If they lose money, then they have to deal with it. Not me. It is time that the public sector, who in most cases have salaries far above those in similar positions in the private sector, come down to earth and meet the latter. And deal with it! (Clue; There is no more money!) It is also time for the professional athlete to realize what they have - and shut up!
Public sector employees, most notably teachers, have the most lavish benefits available in the market, what Obamacare would deem to be a "Cadillac Plan" and pensions that are bankrupting cities and states across the country.  It is time for public sector employees to contribute more to their health care and retirement and stop looking to the taxpayer to bail them out.  Walker should go all Reagan on those blowing off work to protest and fire every damn one of them. There are good hard working people ready to take their place.



  1. The pro athletes don't seem to care that the fans are the ones to pay their high salaries. They seem to think it comes from the owners. Where do they think the owners get it? From stock dividends?!? The politicians don't seem to think the well will run dry, either. We will stop buying tickets to games and tv channels because we can't afford them. Not paying your taxes lands you in jail. If i don't have the money to pay my taxes, better make room at the jail for me. Hope it doesn't come to that!
    What has the union done for me? Made things to damn expensive for me and my family!